Life really does go backwards at 40

Things that annoy me

on May 17, 2012

Family – Home

Bin etiquette, am I the only person that knows how to empty a bin and since the introduction of recycling I change that too, am I the only person that knows how to empty the bins.

Teaspoons, there is a teaspoon thief in my house who will not admit to either hiding them or chucking them in the bin, own up

Dishwasher, great invention if only they had invented a gadget that can fill it up and empty it, will say no more

Empty bottles, why put them back in the cupboard when they are empty, doh silly me I forgot you don’t know how to empty the bin so will assume bin is full hence the empty bottle back in the cupboard

Bath, how can any teenager spend a minimum of 2 hours in the bath every day, I look like a wrinkly prune after 15 minutes so it’s no wonder you look like you’ve used a trowel to apply makeup

Washing machine, it lives on a diet of socks, why no idea but it’s a common fact

Phone, it disappears upstairs and by the time you’ve found its stopped ringing. Bring it back or use your mobile

Cooking, Mum what’s for tea, pasta, don’t want pasta. Why ask when 9 times out of 10 you don’t want what’s on offer. I am not running a café therefore eat it or you could always try looking in the freezer. This brings further challenges, I will need to check the freezer door is shut once they’ve rummaged around and the mess that will be left after attempting to cook the most simplistic food ever will be catastrophic

Pets, never ever let emo’s have pets, they are incapable of looking after them. I have an array of pets which I am now responsible for. When emo’s bring friends round said animals are introduced as their pets, really…..

Cars, it is not a mobile skip nor am I a taxi driver and NO you cannot borrow it

Music, if you turn it down you won’t need to sing so loudly, correction screech so loudly

Doorbell, when it rings it means someone’s is pressing the button and that someone is usually for you, December 2011 was the last time it was for me


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