Life really does go backwards at 40

Yet more things that annoy me – Food Shopping

on June 5, 2012


The sign says parent and child parking, Ok so my emo may not be what you class as a child but have you ever tried to get an emo out of a car and into a supermarket? believe me it’s easier to get a toddler out!

Always keep a packet of post it notes in the car so you can leave random messages like, next time how about leaving me a tin opener to get out!

Car washing men, go away I wouldn’t trust you to wash my dog however if you feel the need to wash the emo then yes I will pay you £5.00 or whatever the going rate is

Double glazing sales people, Oh just fek off

Old people, it doesn’t matter what day or time it is there is always a gaggle of them blocking the isles

Toddlers, can I say oh just fek off again, my dogs are better behaved. Why do you smile at your child while it causes havoc, pulls items of shelves, bumps into old people and throws tantrums, yes we have all been there and none of us have any sympathy…… sorry

Free samples, try promoting something people like instead of random products like goats cheese with something totally weird that no ones ever heard of

30 tills and only 10 open, WHY

Baskets only, ENFORCE IT

5 items or less, ENFORCE IT

Cash back, for gods sake ask me you know I need cash back and im so bleeding traumatised by the shopping experience I have forgotten to ask

Packing assistance, No go away ive seen you fling things in, my eggs will be broken, my cake squashed and my tomatoes will be puree. I am quiet capable of doing all of these things myself so leave be

Remind me to take the right car, a full trolley of shopping does not fit in the boot of a Mini Cooper S, its times like this I miss my convertible as I would put the roof down and sling everything in

Why is it the emos have done a bunk when I get home, im sure they think there is a fairy that fills things up.

Remember to do shopping online or all of the above apply


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