Life really does go backwards at 40

Holiday Stress

on June 6, 2012

Why is it that holidays are  stressful, isn’t a holiday supposed to mean NO STRESS.

So with 4 days notice, we have a Dad sitter. I wonder if the short notice is so that it is an impossible task to organise emos, animals work and book a holiday.

Well guess what I am master of the impossible……

Holiday booked

Dogs booked into kennels

Emos despatched, although a slight minor problem emos friend had forgotten to check with her Mum despite telling me it was ok. What followed next was a series of very confusing texts between me and emos friend Mother…..

Big emo informed locks have been changed, I will not allow the pina colda episode to happen again

Cat sitter sorted.

In order to avoid the usual holiday airport falling out Mr F has decided he wants an iPad so I rush off to purchase and guess what no airport rows….. I can highly recommend purchasing a gadget

Not sure about you but I don’t think there has been a Frazzled holiday where me and Mr F have not fallen out by the time we get to the airport, well guess what thanks to the iPad we were still talking

And we are off YAY 🙂


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