Life really does go backwards at 40

My daughters just blown up the microwave :(

on June 6, 2012

Yes that’s what I said, how? by leaving her knife and fork on the plate shoving it in the microwave and pressing the on switch and all she could do was laugh.  In 19 days she will be 16 and according to law can leave home, she wont but its a scary thought. This soon to be old enough to leave home has blown up or broken the following appliances/gadget within the last 12 months,

1, Laptop, apparently the dog jumped on her bed and sat on the screen so she says it’s the dogs fault.  Leaving bedroom door open, laptop on bed with screen open isn’t a silly thing to do so she claims.

2, 3 Blackberrys, first one she dropped, 2nd one she dropped that too and the third one was in her blazer pocket and she was going to the loo but had a cup of hot chocolate which also went in her pocket so when she bent down one hot chocolate flavoured blackberry, nice. All I can say is thank god I took out phone insurance, best £25.00 I have ever spent.

3, iPods, pretty much the same fate as the blackberry’s I think we are on iPod number 5. I have one of the first generation nano which is still going strong, how has it survived so long because she isn’t allowed anywhere near it. This might be the time to add we are also on docking station number 3, no idea have given up asking.

4, Headphones, countless with various excuses from the cat ate them through to I dunno.

5, Hairdryer, I think we are on number 3 now, all due to having hair dryer on full pelt on average for an hour at a time.

6, Hair straighteners, 2 so far for the same reasons as the hair dryer. I have hidden my GHD’s as she borrowed them last week  and when I went upstairs they had been on for 2 hours and were smoking.

7, Washing machine, twice ive had to have it repaired after she attempted to use it.

8, Camera, 1 so far that belonged to Mr F  and he wasnt a happy bunny. Apparently it must have been dropped. Shoving it in a drawer hoping no one would ask where it was is a silly thing to do.

9, Bus pass, I know it’s not a gadget but im on a roll now. So far this has been replaced 4 times at £10.00 a go and has been deducted from her pocket-money

10, House keys, I have given up… Mr F purchased a spare lock because its cheaper to change the locks every time she looses a key.

Needless to say she never gets asked to baby, dog or cat sit, water anyones plants in fact no one asks her for any form of help

Omg she has just asked for a camera for her 16th birthday *big sigh*


8 responses to “My daughters just blown up the microwave :(

  1. christiana83 says:

    My younger brother left his laptop on the floor of his dorm room all the time. Eventually someone stepped on it. Yeah, also not his fault. (must’ve been hard to see with a months worth of clothes on the floor, haha)

    But the headphones I can understand. I’ve gone through so many pairs which just magically seem to die. Good expesive ones, too. I dunno is the truthful answer to that one.

  2. Oh dear perhaps they are related 🙂

  3. Ruth2Day says:

    Yowzers, that is some serious replacing you had to do! Best my daughter has done lately is blow her soup up in the microwave. Somehow it doesn’t seem to compare 🙂

  4. R-M-R says:

    Haha I feel sorry for you but thia is so hilarious!!

  5. I have two more just like her haha and will get round to uploading more soon 😉

  6. geraldine foley says:

    Its so nice to know they are all the same at that age ,Mine (only blessed with one) does not know how to use a microwave or washing machine or tumble dryer dont think she’d be able to identify them even, She can boil a kettle which she has several times minus the water !! to which when pointed out not quite as lovingly to her now, replies “Oh I knew there was something else” Has never heard of plugging out hair straightner /curler/dryer/ phone/ response but you always check ..!! The school I admit loves her but I think its because her mother is deranged and they feel sorry for her, im always turning up there with the homework shes forgotten /her lunch /her swipecard!! Given up on buying earphones for her they forget to come home with her and her computer wont go into her bedroom it’s to scared of getting lost lol. On the whole shes a happy kid ..and I have discovered hair colour ..She to is 16 .

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