Life really does go backwards at 40

Things I love

on June 6, 2012

Gregg’s sausage rolls

Fabric conditioner

Tea, tea and more tea please

Fresh cream, I can drink it straight from the pot

My fuggly dogs although only one is of the fuggly kind the other looks like Bambi

My bed I just don’t get enough quality time with it

Online food shopping

Cancel phone call button

Egypt, im sure I was Egyptian in a past life

My natural ability to come out with spoonerisms at the wrong moment in time

Snow so I can work from home although my employers might disagree with this one

Mr F but he does drive me mad

Loud music when I’m driving

My slipper boots, bit tatty now as they are always on my feet


I will say my emos although there are times when I don’t like them


Mollie Moo although now at rainbow bride I still love her lots

An empty house although this is rare

My GHD’s that are currently hidden to stop emos borrowing them


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