Life really does go backwards at 40

Simple Randomness, Fact to Bunt call it what you want

on June 8, 2012

So here’s the thing, you start talking and either the words flip round or just parts of the word flip. To those listening it makes no sense but to me it makes perfect sense.

So here’s an example, last night I decided I was going to clean the fridge so I announced to Mr F I was going to flean the clidge. there’s me thinking whats so funny about that until Mr F had pointed out what I had said, god that sounds so rude.

So I assume either I have verbal dyslexia or just a natural ability for spoonerisms.

Am I only one to suffer from this?  I certainly hope not.  Sometimes it’s pretty funny, mostly it isn’t as I’m usually in a situation where I need to be taken seriously……     I can only assume my brain is working faster than my gob and my head popping comes out as jumbled up verbal. For the life of me if I try to say flean the clidge I can’t but some how if I don’t think about it I can.

So this weeks faux pars are

Fleaning the Clidge

Barry Garlow

Mug Runcher

Nose my blow

Lack of pies

Belly jeans

Doxer bog

I hate to think what I’ll be like when im a pensioner 😉


2 responses to “Simple Randomness, Fact to Bunt call it what you want

  1. Haha I do that too.. often lol. x

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