Life really does go backwards at 40

Yolo BBG and emails from school

on June 12, 2012

Those of you with EMOS’S,  definition “They all suffer from severe narcissism, leading them to believe that they alone know what pain is, and that no one understands them, when in fact they are simply experiencing puberty; just like everyone else is. They all believe that their personal affliction could not be worse, that their life in their quiet suburban house with their own television and computer in their room is not just the worst life they could have, but the worst life anyone has had, ever.”   Will know that no matter what you do or say it will always be wrong, they have their own language and style which most of the time is totally random.

My youngest has currently made it her life mission (when she isn’t blowing things up, breaking things or just losing them) to flaunt every rule going and currently its school that bearing the brunt of her attention. 

Below are a few emails from her school and my replies in Italics. Please note the fabulous spelling mistakes etc from her teacher who happens to be Deputy Head of the English department which is quite worrying……


I am just emailing you to express both mine and other members of staff concerns about your daughters puntuality to school, out of the last 20 school days she has been late 12 times, prior to this she had an impecible record. I am concerned that when she does arrive she is still quite sleepy, obviously with the up coming exams it is more important than ever she arrives prepared and alert. Please could you advise me if there is any reason for her lateness and speak to her. I will speak to her today about her punctuality as it is now at a point where it could comprimise her chance of going to the leavers ball. 

Look forward to hearing form you.



Good morning

I have spoken to my daughter on numerous occasions about her time keeping and also her appearance both of which are unacceptable. It has been mentioned that I would receive a mail regarding her time keeping, there is no valid reason for being late however her reasons to me are as follows,
I’m doing my hair
I didn’t set my alarm
Greg does not have an oyster card
I’m nocturnal
Yolo – Okies BBG

The list goes on. I really am at a loss as she really isn’t taking anything seriously so I can only suggest she is not allowed to attend the leavers ball (cost of which will be deducted from her pocket-money) unless she improves 100%

Please feel free to keep me updated and I will continue to pull my hair out.


Thanks for your response, I will speak to her and I am going to ask  her head of year  also to have a word, I will keep you updated and lets keep fingers crossed. Thanks for your support. She also has a achievement co-ordinators detention this friday for lateness.


I am contacting you just to update you on your daughter’s progress she has been on time since I last contacted you however her uniform has been causing concer. The stretcher as well as the non uniform shoes are an issue, please could you ensure she wears school shoes tomorrow.

 Many Thanks

Hi there

My daughter has school shoes and leaves the house wearing them so she should still be wearing them when she arrives at school.  I had no idea that she was still wearing the stretcher as I have been through the house and thrown every ear stretcher I have found in the bin and the wearing of ear stretchers has been banned from the house.

Leave it with me


Sorry about this as I have been spoken to by the head about her appearance,  she has also been spoken to by  the head today.

She is still a lovely person but she just needs to stop bending the rules.

 Good Luck

It’s not a problem at all she just appears to have made her mission in life to flaunt every rule. I hope she grows out of it very soon.

The saga continues 14th June 2012


I hope you had a restful break, I just wanted to touch base with you about your daughter. The Deputy Head would like to speak to her at 1.20 pm tomorrow. She was hoping to catch her today at her revision session but she has not attended.

Hello there

 My daughter assured me she wasn’t due in at school today, I will ensure she is there. Is there a problem?



I am not sure if there is a problem I am assuming that it maybe options related, also could you ask her to return the DVD’s she borrowed when she comes in. I hope you don’t mind me asking but what is a MILF and why does she refer to you as my MILFY

I give up………


8 responses to “Yolo BBG and emails from school

  1. Md. Alsanda says:

    Hi, Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Ruth2Day says:

    LOL! I can so relate these situations. My daughter refused to wear her uniform in the manner it was supposed to. Drove me insane 🙂

  3. I’m so dreading the teenage years, love your responses and remember YOLO!

  4. Julie says:

    OK! what the hell is a YOLO BBG? and what does the Y stand for at the end of MILF (I know that bit)

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