Life really does go backwards at 40

Would you like an almond dearie

on June 24, 2012

Back again to my days as a district nurse.

We had an old lady who had alzheimer’s and required assistance getting to bed. Every night we would pop in to put her to bed, she was such a lovely lady and every night before we left we would be offered an almond from the bowl by her bed. I always refused as I’m not a fan of almonds however the nurse assisting me always took one. This ritual went on for weeks until I was asked to cover for one of the day staff that was ill.

I arrived for my shift and checked down to see who was on my list and the lovely almond lady was to be my first visit.

I arrived at the almond ladies house and was greeted by her daughter who has just popped in with a few bits. I get almond lady up and dressed and settled in her front room whilst we chatted about her daughter and her grandchildren. As I was about to leave the usual offer of an almond was made, but wait no I was offered a sugared almond this time. I politely refuse and say I didn’t realise you liked sugared almonds, almond lady smiled sweetly and said I don’t dearie I just like the sugar, my daughter keeps buying them so I suck the sugar off and place the almonds in the bowl. The bowl being the same bowl that was by her bed.

In future when the almond lady asked if my colleague would like an almond she would politely accept and place the almond in her pocket to be thrown away later 🙂


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