Life really does go backwards at 40

Honeymoon in Kavos……… err where’s that then?

on July 21, 2012

12 years ago today depending on when you are reading this it could be the day after so lets just say 21st July 2000, Mr F and I got wed. Having both been previously wed we decided not to go for the big do and just had a small do and yes we did both get divorced first.

Anyway wedding over honeymoon time…….

So we have a late night flight to Corfu, by the time we land in Corfu we have gone through the usual holiday domestics and we are not speaking to each other, we’ve been married less than a day….

Bags collected we get on the coach and off to Kavos. Now neither of us think that it’s a bit odd that the coach is full of groups of lads and lasses, we happen to be the only couple. As we enter Kavos at about 4.30am we notice random people sleeping on the side of the road and in fact the odd person in the middle of the road.

We arrive at our hotel and check into our room and its rather nice, ground floor room over looking the pool, we hit the sack because we are grumpy and extremely tired.

A few hours later we are woken by some grumbling outside our room. I open the curtains and am greeted by some rather drunk youths, one sleeping on an inflatable crocodile and the other writhing around with a female on an inflatable phone. Now at this point I close the curtains as my eyes are clearly deceiving me so I open the curtains again and yep they are still there. I immediately wake Mr F and announce there is a couple making whoopy on an inflatable phone outside our room, Mr F decides to promptly evict’s the youth off his inflatable crocodile, said other couple at this point decide that perhaps now would be a good time to leave…..

We head out after breakfast to explore Kavos, the Wiki blurb..

Kavos (Greek: Κάβος) is a former fishing village on the island of Corfu in Greece, in the municipal district and the municipality of Lefkimmi. It is now a lively resort heavily devoted to tourism, and popular with British package tours and young holidaymakers.

The main part of Kavos is the long strip which runs parallel to the coast line, which contains a large percentage of the restaurants, shops, hotels and apartments. It has a few bars along the coastline and has recently become popular with young holiday makers interested in socialising in a relaxing beach-side town and enjoying nightlife too.

Popular excursions include a visit to the nearby aqua park and boat trips around the coast. Those with a taste for culture should take a look at  the  island’s historic capital, Corfu Town, which is packed with interesting archaeological sights. Also, the interior of Corfu is worth exploring for those looking for some tranquillity it remains very unspoilt and uncrowded even during the peak season.The shopping in Kavos is limited to souvenir and bucket and spade shops selling the usual tourist little things. For more choice, there are regular buses to Corfu Town (half an hour away), which has an excellent range of shops.

So we expected this

And the reality was

Still not really getting it we head down to the beach and everyone is asleep….very strange!

After our a little siesta we decide to have a wander round to find somewhere to eat and perhaps have a few drinks.


This is what we found

After 3 nights we came to the conclusion if you can’t beat them join them……..

So evening 4 we head out and hit the nearest bar, every bar serves cheap booze so we down the red bull and vodkas, perhaps now is the time to point out I can’t actually drink much, one sniff and I’m gone. So after who know how many drinks because neither of us can remember but the deal was buy 2 get 2 free, Ive danced on tables, the bar, well I say dance I’ve probably made a huge tit of myself, actually scrap the probably and make it I did made a huge tit out of myself. At some point Mr F manages to steer me back to our hotel and I spend the night like this

I have developed a huge love for this toilet and spend the whole night hugging it, that night I loved that toilet!

Morning arrives and I’m still hugging the toilet, Mr F tries desperately but cannot entice me away for breakfast. I am oblivious to the youths outside our room laying on whatever inflatable thingy they have found, I really don’t care now.

By mid afternoon I have decided that perhaps I can finally let go of the toilet and we head down to the beach. God what a mistake that was, I am dehydrated, everything is still spinning and despite it being 28 degrees I’m feking freezing. Mr F is despatched to get me a blanket, so there I am on a beach its baking hot and I am wrapped up in a blanket.

Now either there is something wrong with my eye sight or Mr F has gone ginger, he wasnt ginger when I married him so I’m slightly confused…….Bingo sun in spray, thinking he would go blonde I’d been squirting his head at every opportunity and his hair now looks like this…

Being a lovely person I lie and tell him it’s not ginger, ill never go to heaven.

So for the next 24 hours me and my blanket go everywhere until Mr F decides I need to see a doctor. Kerching… £50.00 later I’m told I have alcohol poisoning and a chest infection, I really need a drip but refuse as we only have 2 days left. So for our £50.00 Im given some antibiotics and Mr F gets to push me and my blanket around in a wheelchair for the rest of our holiday.

Needless to say this was probably the crapiest holiday ever, it took me 6 weeks to recover and if I smell red bull now it makes me vomit.


Sometime later I went into the travel agent and challenged the woman who convinced me Kavos was a fabulous place to go on a honeymoon, she maintained she had no idea, me I’m not so sure…….


2 responses to “Honeymoon in Kavos……… err where’s that then?

  1. Ruth2Day says:

    pretty kak one! can so relate to head in the loo once or twice!

  2. I wont be going there again 😉

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