Life really does go backwards at 40

A rather dissapointing affair

Continuing with the picture theme about my recent work appraisal

So the day came and I had

High Hopes!


Because I

And I have been working

Stop Working All Those Long Hours

And I am the

But but despite all this I am

Confusing Words: Uninterested and Disinterested

And I am told I come across as I

My boss has turned into a

And starts


And expects miracles however

But I’m told I’ve

And suddenly remember he has started profile stalking me on


Perhaps I need to protect myself

Ninja kitty

But then I notice he is wearing

Pink trainers


Jeans, Denim, cheap jeans, Forever 21 Tie-Dye jeans, red jeans, acid wash

Finished off with

brown shirt. perfect!

I’m like


And cannot contain myself any longer

laughing :)

And again I’m like


You really have

And think

Needless to say I think my days are numbered

But he has shown his

Pinned Image

And should never

And remember

bring it on...


I am ready for battle

im ready for battle

And put up a fight

Well that’s if I can stop

Lets see what next week brings

A grey kitten winking.


My week at work

Rather than try to type my frustrations I have decided my blog will be in pictures…

There have been a few of these moments

Followed by thoughts of


So my word of the week has been

Because I want to do this

But do this instead



So I look like this

So I’ve drunk loads of this

But it hasn’t

So I’ve done lots of this


And I am reminded that

And someone suggests I read this

Which makes me think

And I find I keep wanting to

But  I must

but all too soon I will be back to this


There I’ve said it now


Thank you soldier

Something I read earlier made me extremely sad, so very cross and ashamed to be British, it was a story about an x soldier who like many is homeless and his one saving grace he still has a car so is not forced to sleep on the street. What is the matter with our government and this country, get a grip for gods sake. I appreciate some of you may not agree with the politics behind war but these people have given us their all and some have paid the ultimate price, their life and for what to be treated like scum.

Most of my family have spent a large proportion of their lives serving this country, my Son is in the Army and due back out to Afghanistan early next year, yes its his choice as it is for many of those serving in our armed forces however for some it is a last resort it’s either a life on benefits or the armed forces. I will never forget how young some of those lads were on his passing out parade they were boys, nor will I ever forget the haunted faces from those that returned in one piece be it physically from their tour of Afghanistan. My Son will never be the same along with so many others.

Over the years I have been privileged to meet many Mothers, Fathers, Wives, Husbands and siblings of those that have not returned from war, have returned but have been severely injured or suffering from post traumatic stress and quite frankly I am ashamed at the way some of these hero’s have been treated. Do they complain no they get on with life accepting the hand that has been dealt. So how is it that a baby machine can churn out child after child to avoid getting a job, is given a house and money to live on yet someone who has served this country is forced to sleep in a car? Simple we are more concerned about these people and their needs, we must help them, why? What have they done for this country apart from take, take, take, where is the give in this? Do you hear our soldiers complaining their kids don’t have the latest trainers or 50 inch TV, NO and nor would you, they have pride.

What can our soldiers expect when they are either forced to quit due to down sizing of our armed forces or have served their time? a very small training allowance to assist in their rehabilitation into civilian life. This budget is inadequate full stop. Most are trained  for nothing other than to defend and protect so their prospects are limited, this is why so many end up on the streets, tossed aside and treated like scum.

I know this post will not change reality but if it makes you stop and think or go up to a soldier and thank them or offer some form of support to one of the very many charities that are fighting so hard to support these very brave and courageous people, they deserve our support even just a thank you shows you care. Yes ultimately these lads and lasses made their own choice, a choice which allows us to travel around and feel safe, to watch the Olympics and feel safe, do you hear them complaining when their leave has been cancelled and they cannot go on holiday with their children? No this is their job, to serve and protect this country.

Surely they deserve the same rights as us and to feel protected, supported and safe?


Its all about life experience

Firstly I will apologise to anyone that takes offence with my post but for gods sake what is wrong with the kids of today.

So here I am, I have taken a day off to take lil emo smart clothes shopping for her 6th form interview later in the day.

She has asked me to wake her up at 7.30 so she can get ready, I wake her up at 7.15, why because I have to walk the dogs and wont be back by then, do I get a thank you….no, I get, its 7.15 I said 7.30. I turn and walk out, I have to spend the morning shopping with her so  I choose the walk away option.

For once in her life she is dressed, cement on face applied and ready to leave on time at 8.30. We arrive at the shops and I am promptly marched round every shop, a various assortment of clothes are flung at me and we debate on the suitability of most of them and therefore those I reject are thrown on the floor. After 3 hours we have managed to purchase, 3 dresses, 2 skirts, an assortment of blouses and shoes. What did I get, these bags are too heavy you carry them. Now for once in my life I turned round in the middle of Miss Selfridge and replied at the top of my voice, YOUR STUFF YOU CARRY IT OR LEAVE IT ON THE FLOOR. So the attitude is turned up a level and she proceeds to announce that her friends parents took her shopping and purchased two years of clothes. Now before I even have chance to respond a lady marches up to her and states that no one in their right mind purchases two years worth of clothes. I decide to add that in 3 months she will have grown said clothes will be out of fashion and as most of them will be slung on the floor so technically they will be lost. So I stomp and when I say stomp I mean a full-blown stomp out of the shop and head for home while lil emo struts and moans about how heavy her bags are behind me.

We are home and she is trying on her purchases and a decision is made as to what she is wearing, I pop up to have a look and Im totally dismayed by the fact that all her new clothes are slung on the floor, she is standing on them. So deep breath, I suggest she should hang them up and Im told she has no spare hangers. I fetch spare hangers which are also flung on the floor.

Off we go to her 6th form interview which she informs me is not for parents, I am surprised when we arrive……oh look parents are here, perhaps she got it wrong. I am no fool I know her too well. So in we go and we meet with the head of 6th form. Now im not really sure what I expected but I expected this sort of conversation, so what career are you thinking of, that didn’t happen.

Now lil emo had already submitted her choices, English Lang English Lit, French, Government and Politics and Photography, why because she wants to be a journalist, this girl will be the next Kate Aide however she will not be reporting on wars, oh no this girl will be starting them. Anyway we sit there and lil emo announces she now wants to change all her options to, Psychology, Sociology, Communications and something I have never heard of and Performing Arts…why…beacuse she wants to be a social worker but more importantly she wants to go to University. Now I can only assume the head of 6th form has clocked my confused face and starts going on about how great University is to gain life experience, poor man, I couldn’t help myself but launch into a fully blown rant.,

Dont make me laugh, life experience my backside, she can go and spend 6 months with her brother in Afghanistan or better still get off her bum and get a job. I am not, I repeat, I am not shelling out over 30 grand for madame to have a lifetime experience, go to Disney world better still do some charity work. Pray tell me what valuable experience is it she will gain from a few years dossing in a flat, eating beans, attending lectures and getting ratarsed at student gigs because quite frankly  I am not getting this one.

So needless to say we come away, lil emo has got her own way but has been given the warning, you want to go to University well you need to show some willing my dear, your sister has a part-time job and is saving take a leaf out of her book or forget it.

So some of you will perhaps think I am a terrible Mother, guess what wait until  your little darling turns into  a lazy, rude, ungrateful, attitude ridden emo.