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Thank you soldier

on September 12, 2012

Something I read earlier made me extremely sad, so very cross and ashamed to be British, it was a story about an x soldier who like many is homeless and his one saving grace he still has a car so is not forced to sleep on the street. What is the matter with our government and this country, get a grip for gods sake. I appreciate some of you may not agree with the politics behind war but these people have given us their all and some have paid the ultimate price, their life and for what to be treated like scum.

Most of my family have spent a large proportion of their lives serving this country, my Son is in the Army and due back out to Afghanistan early next year, yes its his choice as it is for many of those serving in our armed forces however for some it is a last resort it’s either a life on benefits or the armed forces. I will never forget how young some of those lads were on his passing out parade they were boys, nor will I ever forget the haunted faces from those that returned in one piece be it physically from their tour of Afghanistan. My Son will never be the same along with so many others.

Over the years I have been privileged to meet many Mothers, Fathers, Wives, Husbands and siblings of those that have not returned from war, have returned but have been severely injured or suffering from post traumatic stress and quite frankly I am ashamed at the way some of these hero’s have been treated. Do they complain no they get on with life accepting the hand that has been dealt. So how is it that a baby machine can churn out child after child to avoid getting a job, is given a house and money to live on yet someone who has served this country is forced to sleep in a car? Simple we are more concerned about these people and their needs, we must help them, why? What have they done for this country apart from take, take, take, where is the give in this? Do you hear our soldiers complaining their kids don’t have the latest trainers or 50 inch TV, NO and nor would you, they have pride.

What can our soldiers expect when they are either forced to quit due to down sizing of our armed forces or have served their time? a very small training allowance to assist in their rehabilitation into civilian life. This budget is inadequate full stop. Most are trained  for nothing other than to defend and protect so their prospects are limited, this is why so many end up on the streets, tossed aside and treated like scum.

I know this post will not change reality but if it makes you stop and think or go up to a soldier and thank them or offer some form of support to one of the very many charities that are fighting so hard to support these very brave and courageous people, they deserve our support even just a thank you shows you care. Yes ultimately these lads and lasses made their own choice, a choice which allows us to travel around and feel safe, to watch the Olympics and feel safe, do you hear them complaining when their leave has been cancelled and they cannot go on holiday with their children? No this is their job, to serve and protect this country.

Surely they deserve the same rights as us and to feel protected, supported and safe?


6 responses to “Thank you soldier

  1. BBG says:

    I feel like standing and cheering you !! That was so well said I have a tear in my eye and my heart is bursting with pride. You’re right, they do their job knowing they could be killed or horrifically injured without complaint. I have seen the courage of those who have lost their limbs first hand, and they don’t show an ounce of self pity. It is a disgrace they are reduced to being homeless, imaybe we need to start a campaign !!!!!

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more, this country really needs to sort its priorities out and start looking after our brave men and women who lay down their lives for the very country that turns its back on them when they need it most.

  3. Very well said. It makes my heart ache when I hear about the injustices in this country.

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