Life really does go backwards at 40

Hello its Rob from Fix my Rim……

on October 6, 2012

Those of you that know me will know I am absolutely fanatical, besotted whatever you want to call it about my car and in particular my alloys. My car is the one thing that’s mine, it wont fit in all three emo’s thank god, I don’t have to share it, If it gets mucky its down to me and I can play what I want at the volume I want. Yes I know it’s a lump of metal.

Its 2 years old now and coming up for its first service so I call the dealer and book it in. The day comes and off Zelda goes, yes everything mechanical has a name in this house……. Zelda is brought back to me serviced and washed well I say washed they had washed everything apart from her wheels and bum. At the time I didn’t think it was odd they had forgotten to wash her wheels until the next day when I was talking to Dick in the works car park and she points out there is a lump missing out of my alloys.

The lump

Yes I know it’s not a huge lump that’s not the point, someone has curbed my car and I wasnt a happy bunny.

I call the dealership and fair play they agreed it was their fault and would get it repaired. The firm they use is local to me so I was asked if they could give them my number rather than me taking it back to the dealership etc and was told they would call me back once they had spoken to them.

On the way home I got a call from the dealership before anyone says mobile phones and cars,  Its fitted with bluetooth so hands free. I answer the call and its the dealership who tell me they have given my details to the company and they would be in touch. I am told that the chaps name is Rob and the company is called fix my rim…..well I have a mind of a teenager and thinking my hearing aids were not working properly so I ask him to repeat the company name to which the response again is fix my rim. At this point I am now sat in traffic and am laughing and clapping so much that I sound like a seal, the poor bloke on the other end thinks I am ill and keeps asking me if he can call someone, the more he says this the more I laugh. Those sat in their cars next to me must have thought I was a Nutter as by now no noise is coming out of my mouth but I am still clapping whilst rocking with tears streaming down my face and the poor man still keeps asking me if im ok. I manage to compose myself long enough to say I am fine and hang up.

I don’t know about you but when these things happen I always have to ring someone to relay the hysterics so I call Mr F and manage to say I’ve had a call from fix and that was it I am off again and cannot speak and the seal impression begins again, Mr F just hangs up, I think he is used to me by now. I am slightly put out he hung up so I call Dick to tell her instead and go through the same process again but eventually relay the story, by now Dick has googled fix my rim and there is hysterical laughter coming from the office. So now I am not the only one that sounds like a seal….

A couple of days later we were on our way to Dads and my mobile rings, I answer the call and the voice says Hello its Rob from fix my rim, well I am off again and cannot stop, poor man. Rob tells me that he will come over on Thursday and will text me to confirm that morning meanwhile im still snorting with hysterics.

The day comes and I have to take Dad for a blood test so I am sat in the surgery with him when my mobile goes, I’ve saved his number and so its says I have a text from fix my rim and I am off again, everyone in the surgery is looking at me and I can’t stop laughing. Fix my rim will be with me in 30 mins. I am praying his van isn’t sign written because I will probably wet myself laughing……….

Rob arrives in a plain van and fair play does a fabulous job of repairing my wheel. Before he leaves he gives me his card and before I can look at it he says no laughing. Panic I can’t look at it because I know its going to have some reference to the company name…god help me. Off he goes and sure enough the card does and yes I am off again laughing so hard that no noise comes out.

Why is it that a 43-year-old woman finds fix my rim hysterical and cannot stop laughing every time it’s mentioned, I have no idea but it made my week and thank you Mini for curbing my wheel, oh my days I have not laughed so much in ages. 🙂



14 responses to “Hello its Rob from Fix my Rim……

  1. BBG says:

    me neither, and saddos that we are in my office, we too went onto the website, caused a great deal of mirth. Haven’t laughed so much since my friend built himself into his parrot’s cage. Saying that, my alloys are scuffed ………………. xxxx

  2. ger foley says:

    Hahahahaha oh jovas love it ,

  3. optie says:

    I really like your sense of humour 😉

  4. Ruth2Day says:

    LOL! 🙂
    I really love those moments when something just makes you laugh over and over again!

  5. Eileen Stuart says:

    Just love it!!!

  6. What I would like to know is ‘how do you know about stuff like that in the first place?’ 😉

    Oh, and I also do a fine seal impression when I find something really amusing x.

  7. Suzanne says:

    Ok so I am actually laughing aloud archly clapping like a seal!! What on earth made then think up that name? The mind boggles!!

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