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Round Three – The Park Bench

on December 3, 2012

I have got through to round 3 and its all down to you, so thank you very much :-)

For our second assignment I was given 4 pictures and was asked to write a short story around one of the pictures. The picture I chose was that of a bench firmly nestled away under a large weeping willow tree in a corner of a park.

The Park Bench

The Park Bench

I am a bench nestled in a corner of a park in central in London. I was created from wood and have a brass plate attached to my top slat which reads, In Loving Memory of Arthur R.I.P, sadly he passed away in 1996. The plaque has aged over the years, the bronze now dirty and tainted by the pollution in the air.

My feet are sunk firmly into the grass and I have been positioned under a large weeping willow tree. I am slightly worn, the teak oil applied in the early spring has now faded leaving me a dulish grey brown.

Over the years many young couples have carved their initials within my slats with a heart lovingly carved around them, although they are all now faded they still remain.

I am the keeper of many secrets, some that are sad and some that are happy, I act as a haven for those that need solitude, rest or to play.

My visitors are many, some that visit frequently and others that just pass by taking a moment to sit under the willow and daydream.

Occasionally I have a night visitor and one in particular is a regular, the park keepers turning a blind eye.

John looks like an old man when in fact he is 25, his clothes are ragged and dirty, he has few possessions in the world which he keeps in a tatty rucksack. John carries the weight of the world on his shoulders,

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A big fat masshoosive thank you once again

Love Frazz


2 responses to “Round Three – The Park Bench

  1. A beautiful story. Somehow, I keep missing your tweeted links. You should tweet it more often x.

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