Life really does go backwards at 40


on January 20, 2013

Well what can I say apart from a masshoosive thank you to everyone that continues to vote for me, I really am very grateful and thanks again so very much to you, you and especially you with RSI I am through to the next round.

So here is the next story,

Jenny had always wanted to be a nurse ever since she watched the 1970’s weekly television series Angels.

Angels had inspired Jenny, it tackled issues such as contraception, alcoholism and care of the elderly.
Throughout her school years Jenny studied hard, she turned down the party requests and she knew exactly what grades she needed to be accepted on to the State Registered Nursing programme and no matter what happened Jenny was going to be a nurse and make a difference.
In the late 1980’s Jenny obtained the grades needed and embarked on a 3 year course to become a SRN. During her training Jenny was given a variety of placements one of which would serve her so very well in the years to come.

After qualifying Jenny specialised in A&E and worked there until having children when she found that she needed to find a post that fitted in with family life, she needed to work but also needed to be around more for her children. Thumbing through the local paper Jenny saw an advert which read, SRN’s wanted for local District Nursing Unit, days or evening shifts available. Without any hesitation Jenny applied and duly forgot her application until a letter arrived inviting her for an interview the following week.
The day of the interview arrived and Jenny was a bag of nerves, she wanted this job and couldn’t think of anything better than providing care for people in their own homes.
Jenny was composed and calm throughout the interview but inside she was a bag of nerves and knew the wait would be unbearable.
Three days later Jenny got the call she was waiting for, the stern voice of Sister Mainland announcing she had been successful in her application.
Over the years Jenny became a popular member of both the team and her patients, her favourites were the elderly. Jenny was a strong believer in choice and strove to ensure those that need assistance and wanted to stay with in their own homes were able to do so. Many obstacle’s came Jenny’s way be it in Management, other care providers or relatives.
As the years past Jenny was promoted and eventually she was made Sister and placed in charge of both the day and twilight district nurses. Jenny however now realised her mistake, no longer did she have time to pop and see her regulars, these were now visited by other nurses, Jenny was now stuck behind a desk and a mountain of paperwork. Each day became more and more mundane, reports, statistic, more reports and endless meetings, no longer did she have the patient contact she loved.
After a year at Management level Jenny decided enough was enough, no longer did she feel that she made a difference and handed in her notice for pastures new.

If you have enjoyed reading this so far and would like to read the rest of the story, please click the link and vote for me, Julia Frazzleby. 2 leave the competition on Friday leaving the final 2 for a show down…..

Thank you muchlies


6 responses to “Dignity

  1. Jenny’s story sounds similar to someone else beginning with J 😉
    Heading over to the novelist now to read more and vote x.

  2. Ruth2Day says:

    holding thumbs and crossing fingers for you 🙂

  3. thanks , this is a very interesting read, I hope that it all goes well

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