Life really does go backwards at 40

Random blog searches

This morning I checked my blog, I don’t do it that often but one of the searches used caught my eye. So I started thinking perhaps I should have a look at what searches people used and what the top 10 funny, random or just weird ones are,

1, Is aloe vera good for a black bum, probably not and if its black is probably most likely to drop off sometime soon and I doubt aloe vera is goanna help you.
2, I bark at my arse when I fart, sorry cant help you with that condition….
3, Can I buy poo bags for my Granny. I think incontinent pants may help with that issue
4, I am lost please return to the nearest party. I know an Emo that can answer that one
5, I’ve had a lady pee. Congratulations and well done you, bet the lady in your life is well chuffed
6, What do Emo’s spend their time doing. Don’t get me started on that one
7, Why are gingers so smelly, I never said gingers smell, I said ginger alpacas stink!
8, I’ve got a chipped rim. I blame the man from Minji for that one
9, My lady garden has chewing gun in it. Yes, been there enough said….
10, Braless trampolining. Good luck to you with that one

I wonder if I need to add a disclaimer…. 😉