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Diary of a Frazzled Mother

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Julia Frazzleby, a working mother from England, was the winner of the second season of The Novelist writing contest. This is a competition originally made for the iPhone and iPad that quickly spread to Facebook and the Internet. By winning the contest, Julia was able to publish her novel Diary of a Frazzled Mother with the eBook publishing company Perfect Wave Design House.
After writing a variety of short pieces for the American idol style contest, Julia made it through the competition week by week until she found herself in the final two. At this point she was required to provide a free sample to the readers along with a synopsis of the novel. The reading public loved it and chose her as their winner. The synopsis follows:
From the outside, they look like a normal family of second timers; one you could meet anywhere in suburbia.
Mum, Dad, 3 children, an elderly father, an assortment of relatives and friends – of both the real and cyber kind. Oh and the family pets, including dogs, cat, horses, pony, alpacas, etc… alpacas?!
It’s not easy being Mrs. F, holding down a high powered job in a male dominated environment, running a house, looking after children, animals and a father (although not necessarily in that order) and generally keeping high maintenance relatives happy; often at her own expense.
Then of course there are her friends; the ones she sees regularly and those who live in Twitter-land but have become a part of her daily life.
Mrs. F has kept a diary for 4 years, after deciding it was better than talking to herself or the kitchen wall, although it is sometimes not easy to keep a diary up to date with everything that goes on in such a colourful life.
Now she has made a New Year’s resolution:
To make a daily list and cross everything off it before the day is out. Sounds like an easy resolution to keep doesn’t it? But then, you’ve never met the family or the obstacles that are regularly put in her way.
This fourth diary and starting point for this voyage into the life and times of Frazzleby Towers starts on a sad note following the death of Mrs. F’s mother. The relatives decide that Mrs F should collect ‘mother’ from the undertaker, despite other family members being far better placed to do it.
On top of this it has landed on her plate to organise the funeral (of the ashes) and sort out her dad, and all without murdering her sister in law, who sits in the background quietly noisily over-seeing procedures.
What could possibly go wrong?

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