Life really does go backwards at 40

Mr F is on a mission……

on May 6, 2014

My rather better half has decided he wants to give something back to the unit at Guys and St Thomas’

MPD Voice leads the way in supporting people with rare blood cancers called myeloproliferative disorders (MPDs), with accurate information and emotional support. We’re funding research toward better treatments and one day a cure. Most importantly we offer hope to those affected by MPDs.

Mr F isn’t what I would call a fitness freak, he like’s sport, well from the comfort of our sofa and has propped up the shareholders of Greggs the bakers for a number of years….

So you would assume that he would start with perhaps a 5k run. Oh no, he has gone the full bifta and signed up for a sprint triathlon on 24th August in Tunbridge Wells.

Over the day he has to swim, cycle and run

Swimming, Mr F can dive in a wetsuit, with a tank and fins. I’m not sure I would class him as a swimmer, the only time I have seen him swim is to take a short cut to the bar whilst on holiday.

Cycling, Mr F’s last bike was a Raleigh Grifter…however he is now the proud owner of a road bike that has tyres as thin as a tightrope and a saddle that looks like it’s going to cause pain….

Running, I think the only time Mr F has run is when he has been late for a train or trying to catch one of the dogs.

This is going to be interesting


My involvement in this…

I will be purchasing blister plasters, Vaseline, supplying dry towels and general encouragement oh and to blog about his highs and lows, however I promise no pics of any sores, blisters or grazes


If you would like to donate to this cause his just giving page can be found here,


Thanking thee muchlies




2 responses to “Mr F is on a mission……

  1. Keep us posted on his training 🙂

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