Life really does go backwards at 40

It all started last year

on June 1, 2014

How it all started…

Musings of a 40 plus man

The Triathlon has been a long time coming……….
After many years being a sofa surfer last August when surfing the TV channels in bed one Sunday morning as you do I came across Beachbody, in particular Insanity.
For those not familiar with Insanity it is a workout programme designed by a rather enigmatic character called Shaun T.
After much debate and encouragement from the better half I ordered the DVD and set the 12th August as the date when the battle of the bulge would begin.
When it arrived the first thing you do, according to the literature is to take start photographs to help mark your progress (and to claim your ‘I’ve earnt it’ T Shirt, which to date I still haven’t done)……below is the first time they have been seen in public.

2013-08-12 19.37.31

2013-08-12 19.38.50

Now I am not proud of these………and its a sobering thing to actually look at.


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