Life really does go backwards at 40

Hello my name is Bert

And I am a Boxer dog. I am dictating this from the sofa to my uman Mum,  @frazzlymother or just general mad woman, BOL (Barking out loud)

I have a new friend his name is Baxter, Baxter has asked me to write a guest post on his blog :). My Mum keeps calling him Dexter but that’s not his name BOL. Baxter has a fabedoodle blog it’s called He is a rather handsome chap and like me has a bird’s-eye view of the madness, mayhem and utter silliness these umans get up to. I hope that our umans, TAKE NOTE,  @sthurley, and Mum you need to set up a looky see thingy so I can see Dexter, Baxter in real life and I can wave at him. Unfortunately I am not allowed to call him as I slobbered on the talky thing and Mum got it stuck in her hair,


So a little about me, I am a boxer dog and this is me

I am 6 years old now, 42 in uman years which makes me 1 year younger than Mum and 2 years younger than Dad, BOL sorry Dad. Apart from them two I live with big emo who is my sofa buddy when he is home, middle emo who sneezes lots and little emo who moans about me slobbering on her.  Apart from the umans I share Frazzle Towers with Mr Dinks the cat who is always in trouble for stealing fish out of the neighbours pond, a woolly mammoth with 4 legs that lives in a field, I am not allowed to play with him because he chases me and finally my little sister, Lulu the fuggly bottom burping British Bulldog,

Jeez she is just plain fuggly BOL.

So where was I, Oh yes that’s right. So this is the line up at Frazzle Towers. My favourite things in life are sleeping, Mum says I snore like a pig, I would like it noted that actually Lulu snores like a pig not me. Apart from sleeping I love my teddies, My Dad, sorry Mum, cheese, bacon, sausages, flinging slobber at everyone and everything and waving. Mum calls it waving but it’s actually boxing, when I see a skateboard or a scooter thingy, this terrible impulse kicks in and up on my back legs I go, my front paws start boxing uncontrollably. Mum gets very embarrassed by me and will tell passers-by, Oh Bert’s waving at you. I’m sure they think she is mad anyone can see I am a boxer dog and I am boxing not waving, stupid Mum. My sister is a huge trouble maker, she is always jumping on my head and drops the odd bottom burp at the same time, dats just nasty. Its great having her around as she gets blamed for everything and usually its her or Mr Dinks that’s behind the mischief. Oh hang on I’ve forgotten Grampy. Grampy is usually here at the weekends and sometimes he pops in to see me when the umans are all out. Grampy has a fabedoodle stomach cushion and I love lolling my head on it. I have aspersions of being a lap dog but Mum keeps saying I am too masshoosive for that, I take no notice a free lap is fair game in this house.

Life on this sofa can be very hectic, lots of comings and goings, my buddy Dexter,   Baxter and I have decided it’s about time we spill those beans, we have a cunning plan but I’m not allowed to tell Mum, oh what fun we shall have BOL.

Its time for me to head back to the sofa and make googly eyes at my Mum, its great looking this silly, everyone thinks I am rather daft, but I’m not 😉

Love Bert

PS, Friday its sausage night for me and Lulu, YAY