Life really does go backwards at 40

The Diary of Dinks the cat

Hello all 🙂

My name is Dinks and I am a 10-year-old male tabby cat. I have recently been diagnosed with kidney failure and Mum has decided to document the trials and tribulations of the time I have left.

I was born on a farm, my Mum being a stable cat and wild. There were 7 kittens, 4 boys 3 girls, I was the smallest.

I came to live with my Mum when I was 8 weeks old as my Mum got caught in some barbed wire and went to Rainbow Bridge. I was very lucky and arrived at my new home in a shoe box, I was so small I used a quality street tin lid as a litter tray.

Over the years I grew and  Mum says considering I was so small I am now actually massive :). I’ve been very lucky no visits to the vets apart from the usual routine visits until now.

About a week ago Mum noticed my 3rd eyelid was half-open and told me that I needed to see the vet.

So come Monday morning Mum spent a good while trying to catch me for my trip :). Our vets is only a 2 min drive away but unfortunately he was very busy that day so Mum said we were in for a bit of a wait. While we were waiting an English Bull Terrier was carried in by his owner, he couldn’t walk and I could hear Mum talking to his owner, Del-boy is his name and he collapsed suddenly, I could hear Mum offering to let him go first but his owner said no its quite alright we will wait our turn.

So in we went and the vet looked at me, much humming and examining me, he even shoved a thermometer up my bum! So after much chatting the vet decided I have a problem with my kidneys and he needed to take some blood and put a tube in my bladder to test my wee. If I’d have known what was coming I would have scratched him but I didn’t, I sat there and let him put a needle in my neck and a tube up my Winkle. The vet told Mum I would have to stay while they ran some tests. Mum was coming back in an hour with my dog sister Lulu for her injections so she gave me a hug and said see you later fat boy winks, which is my nickname 🙂

An hour later I can hear Mum and Lulu but I can’t see her because I am now laid in a cage and underneath me lays Del-boy. I wait and wait and finally Mum minus Lulu comes in with the vet. I want to go home so I have my face up against the cage but the vet says no I have kidney failure and need to go on a drip :(.  Poor Mum is so sad, she is being told I need to stay on a drip for 5 days and I can’t come home.

Dinks in the vets

So there I stay, I have a drip, daily blood tests, injections and special food. Mum and Dad come to visit me every day and when they do I eat, I don’t want to eat unless they are there. Del-boys owner comes everyday too, he has kidney failure too so his Dad is very sad because he is only two years old.

By Friday my tests are at an acceptable level so I can go home. I am soooo very happy.

Mum tells me I have go back next week and monthly ever after. I heard Mum telling Dad that they think I only have a year left but she will make sure I am looked after during that time.

Now at home camped out on Little emo's bed

So now I am home, Mum has washed all my blankies and I am lounging in the sun puddles on the little emo’s bed…..ah this is the life 🙂

Mum said she is going to document the time I have left, Im sure this is some kind of therapy for her as she is a bit soppy when it comes to animals. So please drop by and have a look at my progress 🙂